Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stirrings in the Warp...

Hey everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? First off, I'd like to apologize for how quiet this blog has been; before 6th edition came out, I was in a wargaming slump. Games just weren't fun anymore, I saw no reason to mess with any of my models; hell, my beloved Marauder Destroyer and Malcador just sorta...sat there! But a new dawn came with 6th edition, and, once again, I find myself invigorated!


Yes. YES. And FUKKIN' YES! My Iron Warriors warband, The Iron Suns, can now finally have the meatshields support they have fluff-wise, as well as access to all those delicious fliers! The nal'da Sept can finally have their Space Marine allies, the Shadow Dragons, join them in non-Apocalypse games, smashing in face side-by-side! This is a gamer's and a fluff nut's dream come true!

Shooting is king once more

Another resounding "FUKKIN' YES!" from me. I started 40k with Tau, and their ineptitude at melee has plagued me ever since; besides, it always seemed odd that the most powerful weapons 39,000 years in the future are ones you have to get into someone's face with. Overwatch, Snap Firing, harder-to-get cover, new shooting rules for Vehicles, Hull Points...I play very shooty armies, so it's good to know that I actually stand a chance of killing TH/SS Termiantors before they just roflstomp my guys. Also, melee seems more fair overall now; it's hard to put my finger on it, but it just feels more fair.

"Legal" Forgeworld

For those who don't now me so well, I have a total fan-boner for Forgeworld's design team and their creations (particularly that sexy beast of a flyer pictured above!), and the fact that not only are these models finally becoming "legal" in regular games and tournies, but the advent of the Ally system means I don't have to wait for Apocalypse or play as a Loyalist dog to field the stuff I want! Variety and options, how I love you so!

Dark Vengeance

Finally, a starter set that I can actually use the models from-and WOW are they some kickass models! Though the botched release and the fact mine is being delivered by the worst shipping company (Fedex) and their worst service (Smartpost), I have nothing but love for this starter set! Well...except for the fact my Chaos Marines have to be packaged in with the Emo Marines. :P

Anyways! all of these factors have come together and re-ignited my spark, my passion for Warhammer 40,000-and Wargaming in general! "Where does that leave you though, William?" some of you may be asking; due to some money and shipping issues, I don't have nearly as much ready as I'd like; however, I will end this article with a few teasers of projects I've been working on. Here's to 6th Edition, to a new era of 40k!


  1. Will be good to see you wroking on stuff again. :)

    1. Will be nice to be wroking on stuff again. :P